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Funding Your TD Ameritrade via CIMBClicks

In this post, I will show you how you can perform FTT conveniently via CIMB. CIMB is not the best choice, however if you don’t have Maybank2u, you can use this.

Why I choose to use Maybank2u to perform Foreign TT?

The challenge of using CIMB to perform Online Foreign TT is their web form lack of fields for you to fill in compulsory details needed by TD Ameritrade.

You will notice CIMB don’t have a field for filling in SWIFT Code and Further credit to. Calling the customer service hotline will only getting you a standard reply “our system is like that…”  a waste of time…

So how? No worry, I cover a little trick at step 6 to help you doing Foreign TT via CIMB easily.

Here’s the full steps: 

Steps to Fund TDAmeritrade via CIMBClicks

Step 1 Login to CIMB e-banking

Login to cimbclicks Then select Pay & Transfer > Foreign Transfer

Step 2: Fill in Amount to transfer

Fill in amount to transfer, either MYR or USD.

Step 3: Select Foreign Telegraphic Transfer

Do not select SpeedSend, because it is for transfer to individual. 

Step 4: Fill in Purpose of Transfer

TD Ameritrade is from US. So, select Beneficiary as Non-Resident

Step 5: Agree to declaration

Just select Yes

Step 6 Fill in Recipient and Recipient bank details *

SWIFT code and further credit to is compulsory, without these 2 details, your funding will get rejected. And this will causing double service fee, because the USD will credit back into your CIMB account in MYR.  

Although CIMB web form don’t have these 2 fields, there’s a way. Yes, all you need to do is just add it into address field, like what I do below. 

Remark: ABA routing number and phone number can’t saved into favorite. This means every time you perform transfer, have to key in these 2 fields manually.

Step 7: Select Transfer From

Select your account and fill in contact details.

Step 8: Verify you are the owner

Enter TAC to finalize Foreign TT submission. That’s it.

Frequent Ask Question

I found Maybank2u more user friendly. After I added TD Ameritrade to Favorite, I don’t need to manually key in recipient phone number and recipient bank ABA routing number. This can easily save me few minutes trying to find back the TD bank wire details.

Daily max limit RM10,000.

TD Ameritrade only accept first party transfer, Instarem, transferwise and etc are consider third party transfer. TD will reject it. 

Yes, provided you have Singapore DBS/POSB multicurrency account. Then you can fund your TD Ameritrade from this account without the 25USD charge from beneficiary agent bank. Singapore no longer allow tourist to open bank account at DBS/POSB. Only PR and those working there can open bank account.

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2 years ago

Hi Boon Hun, May I know the difference between using Maybank and Cimb bank account to transfer funds to TDA? Is the charge same for both?

Peter Pang
Peter Pang
2 years ago

Thank you so much!!

1 year ago

May i know how to withdraw money from TDA and transfer back to our maybank2u or cimbclicks?